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Welcome to Whippany River Watershed Action Committee
The Whippany River Watershed Action Committee's members are the stewards of the Whippany River Watershed. The members have come together to preserve, protect and maintain the land and water resources of the watershed through broad-based community action, projects, on-going assessment, education and promotion of resource conservation.
Whippany River Watershed Action Committee
PO Box 223
Morristown, NJ 07963-0223

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Photo credit: Pamela Hasegawa
Our Mission
The next regular meeting of the Action Committee will be on Wednesday, September 7, 2016.  Meetings are held at 6pm at the Morris County Public Library located at 30 E. Hanover Avenue, Whippany. As always, meetings are open to the public. Featured speaker will be Betty Ann Kelly, Environmental  Specialist for the Union ounty Parks Commission giving a power point presentation on BioBlitzes: Take a Walk on the Wild Side, Bringing nature and People Together Through Citizen Science.  She will explain the history of bio blitzes; the components of one, how other organizations successfully do one, how they can be tailored for large or small groups and/or areas and most importantly, why to do one.

“I have worked for the Union County Department of Parks & Recreation for almost 31 years. The park system includes approximately 7,000 acres and 36 parks,” states Kelly. “My favorite event every year is the Bio-Blitz, a 24-hour event designed to gain a ‘snapshot’ of the biodiversity or species richness of a park or parks.”

The Action Committee will be sponsoring a Historic and Environmental Hike in conjunction with the Morris County Historical Society on October 15th at 12:30pm. This event is open to the public. More details to follow.

Donate today and receive a DVD of "River's Journey." Tax deductible donations can be mailed to PO Box 223, Morristown, NJ 07963-0223. Make check payable: WRWAC, Inc.
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Art Vespignani, WRWAC facilitator, 
Jim Baranski, WRWAC vice-chairman and Virginia Michelin, Morris County Principal Environmental Planner admire the poster presentation of our project at the NJ State Museum in Trenton, where the 2013 Awards Ceremony was held, November 2013.
photo by Amy DiBartolo
2013 NJDEP