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2019 Rain Gardens – Discover what they are used for and what goes into building them. Watch our videos here.

2000 319h Whippany River Streamside Restoration – Project Design and Construction for Bryant’s Stream/Project Design and Phase I Construction for East Lake In Morristown’s Burnham Park, Atno Brook

2000 319h Model Storm Water Ordinances

2001 319H NPS…. Addressing the TMDL for Fecal Coliform in the Whippany River: Whippany River Lakeside Restoration (Atno Brook Phase II, Burnham Park, Morris County)

2002 319H NPS …. Speedwell Lake at Whippany River – Shoreline Restoration Project (Phases I – IV) Morristown 

2002 319h Detention Basin Retrofit to Encourage Recharge, Mendham Township

2003 319H NPS Pollution Control and Management Implementation Grant Program: Troy Brook Regional Storm Water Management Plan. Plan developed by Rutgers University Water Resources Program

2003 319H NPS Pollution Control and Management Implementation Grant Program: Bee Meadow Pond Shoreline Stabilization Project, Hanover Township. Project administered by Rutgers Water Resouces Program.

2008 319h NPS Pollution Control and Management Implementation Grant:  Planning and Design of Priority Implementation Projects in the Whippany River Watershed  GIS Map and Test Results

​2010 Improved Management of the Stormwater Generated from an Urban Parking Lot Using Green Infrastructure BMPs; a project approved by the USEPA.
Grant awarded to WRWAC from New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC) Parsippany Troy Hills Police Department, Parsippany

2010 Whippany River Trends Analysis, Sampling and Data Collection funding through Morris County. Continuance of dry weather sampling to evaluate water quality from headwaters to Edwards Road in Parsippany. Look for the final 2012 report, located on this page in the left hand column.

2011 Stream Bank Stabilization Design for Urbanized Section of the Whippany RiverThe appendices to this report are located in the left hand column.  Grant awarded to WRWAC from The Watershed Institute Grant Program. 
Project area down gradient of Lake Pocohantas, Morristown.

​2013  Stream Restoration Plan, Hanover Township. Grant awarded by Bayer HealthCare LLC to WRWAC to generate plan to remediate eroded segment of Whippany River that abuts the Whippany Burying Grounds, a historic cemetery established in 1718. This project is a joint cooperative effort of Bayer Healthcare LLC, WRWAC and Hanover Township.

Passaic River Institute:
Investigations, Speedwell Lake
June 2007
Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Sediment Loading 

Sedimentation in Scour Hole
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New! 2014 Stream Bank Stabilization Report
Whippany NJ
Whippany Burying Grounds
Streambank Restoration

Full report with appendices