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Whippany River Watershed Action Committee - Subcommittees
Get involved in one of our subcommittees!
The WRWAC has three standing committees. These subcommittees offer our members an opportunity to be more involved in and to help achieve the overall goals of the organization. Subcommittees generally meet four times a year. If you're interested in volunteering for one of the subcommittees below, please email info@wrwac.org.

Program Subcommittee
The Program Subcommittee is responsible for development of scientific data and research related to the health of the Whippany, on-going assessments, and development of restoration and management plans and projects to improve the quality of our watershed. 

Next meeting: TBA

Membership Subcommittee
The Membership Subcommittee is responsible for ensuring member municipalities and their representatives, as well as advisors, members, partners, and volunteers are informed, engaged and motivated. The subcommittee also leads efforts to increase activity, recognition, and long term participation in the WRWAC.

Next Meeting: TBA

Outreach and Education Subcommittee
​The Outreach and Education Subcommittee is responsible for the on-going education of members and the general public in the watershed. The subcommittee also develops and leads programs to educate, broaden awareness, increase understanding, and recognize organizational actions in the communities of the watershed.

Next meeting: TBA